Choosing A Wide Spread Collar Dress Shirts For Men For Formal Occasion

The collar of a man's formal shirt is the most important detail. It tells you about the whole style of not only the type of clothing but of the person wearing it. Most of the men's dress shirts come with some sort of pointed collar, but there is a big room for variety here. 

The men’s widespread collar shirts leave a wide opening for larger tie knots. When the edges of the cut-away collar go nearly from a straight line above the tie knot, this is called a complete formal presentation.

collar shirts

On most of the standard quality dress shirts, you'll find that the collar's points are kept straight by collar stays. Approx 2- to 3-inch pointed splints are inserted into underside slots of the collar after ironing, and removed for washing later. 

Besides, you can find most shirts with the plastic ones, you can buy them in brass, silver, and even ivory. However, the material has a negligible effect on the function.

Formal shirts are generally made of white pique cotton that has a rich and woven texture. This shirt is an appropriate choice of black or white tie and not suitable for anything else. If you want to own one formal dress shirt for yourself, you can have a wide variety and range of combinations as per your choice and demands.