Opt For Emergency Dental Services in Kapolei

Patients suffering from teeth that have been knocked out who are unable to get to a dental clinic immediately are advised to put the teeth which have been knocked out in milk and then seek treatment as soon as possible.

Broken teeth, on the other hand, may not have any pain but can be painful and damaging when they cut the tongue with their sharp uneven edges. You can also contact an expert and local emergency dentist for kids at kidshinehawaii.com/patients/emergencies/


The best thing to do before seeking emergency dental services is to collect the broken pieces, place wax on the piece of tooth left to protect the mouth, and then seek dental treatment to have the teeth reconstructed.

Kapolei has numerous dental clinics that offer different kinds of dental services but only a few offer emergency dental services, making it important to find only the best in terms of experience and reputation when in need of emergency tooth repairs.

Using fluoride-based toothpaste helps reduce the risk of cavities in children. However, use the toothpaste sparingly. Children must be supervised while brushing their teeth. You should do the initial brushing and leave them to finish. Also, teach them the correct technique of brushing.