Free Desktop Wallpaper – Amaze Your Friends

Free desktop wallpapers are a common way to improve the look of your computer screen. Often times the default wallpaper that comes with a Windows installation is plain and boring.

A quick and easy method to improve the aesthetics of your monitor is by simply changing the desktop wallpaper, sometimes referred to as your desktop background. The best thing about this is that there are numerous websites that offer free wallpapers for browsing and downloading.

Desktop wallpapers are generally in jpeg format, which provides high-quality pictures with compressed file size. All modern computers have the ability to open and view jpeg files. The file extension of desktop wallpapers is therefore usually .jpg or .jpeg.

There are different file formats available for images, such as gif and png. Gif files are generally lower quality and are not preferable when using for a photo as your desktop wallpaper, however, they are acceptable if you intend to use a repeating background image.


Higher quality image formats for wallpapers such as png will result in larger file size, however, the improvement in image quality over a jpeg is minor. That is why the most widely used format for desktop wallpapers is a jpeg, as it combines small filesize with a high-quality image.

Free wallpapers come in so many categories that there are bound to be some that appeal to everyone. Desktop wallpapers are created from photos, cartoon drawings, paintings, 3D renderings, celebrities, and even movie posters. 

Children will undoubtedly choose some type of cartoon or game wallpaper. And when your friends come around to see how amazing your desktop looks, they will want to know where they can get their own free desktop wallpapers.