Choices For A Healthy Lifestyle: Air Fryer – A Healthy Way To Deep Fry Your Fries

Eating fresh salads, sandwiches, and healthy meals may be easy for some, but difficult for many of us. The thought of not being able to eat your favorite wings or your favorite fries is a nightmare, especially for those who have eaten fried food their whole life. Those who want to continue frying but want to live a healthier lifestyle now have a choice thanks to the latest innovations such as the air fryer oven.

Air fryer oven

Fryers are like your everyday kitchen utensil with one difference – they use hot air to cook. Instead of cooking with oil in the traditional way, fryers use hot air up to about 200 degrees Celsius to prepare food. The latest version of the fryer allows temperature regulation which ensures proper and even cooking.

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Advantages and disadvantages

One of the benefits of an air fryer oven is that it makes cooked food healthier. By not using oil to heat and cook food, the fat content in the food will be reduced. Not so with traditional frying, where the use of oil increases the saturated fat content and, for some who like double frying, doubles the fat content. 

Another benefit of using an air fryer oven is that modern deep fryers have exhaust systems that filter out excess air. Because it is filtered, it is environmentally friendly.

While these appliances are ideal for a healthy lifestyle, one disadvantage of using an air fryer oven is that it is important not to overload the cooking area as air is used for cooking as this will result in uneven cooking. Thicker cuts of meat may also require additional cooking time to fully cook. Price can also be a problem as some of the models available in the market today are expensive.

Buy your air fryer oven

If you are considering buying an air fryer oven, then you need to consider the features of the fryer you are buying. Prices depend on the features of the equipment, so some models may be slightly cheaper than others. 

Features to look out for include the self-timer, touchscreen interface for easy navigation or an integrated dial, easy cleaning, and space efficiency. Some machines can cook a lot of food perfectly, some can't. If you always have a large group, choose a larger machine.