Achieve Maximum Sales Through Disc Replication


In marketing software, games, music discs, or even distributing promotional material on discs (DVDs or CDs), you will need to mass produce the discs in order to reach the millions of potential customers. There are two ways to do this – disc replication or duplication. The difference between these two is in terms of the reproduction process and cost.You can choose disc replication company via

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Disc replication involves the production of a “glass master” of your data which is then passed through a stamper moulded onto a foil. The foil is then attached to a polycarbonate plastic. This process is normally automated and thus economies of scale are achievable. In layman’s terms, this process is cheaper for the reproduction of discs in mass. On the other hand, disc duplication is cheaper for small quantities of discs.

For distribution of discs around the world, disc replication is advised. To make these replicated or duplicated discs more attractive to the eye, disc printing is essential. This involves the creation of attractive graphics designs and lettering along with the use of attractive background colours on the top side of the discs.

Disc printing has been made possible via digital printing. The digital colour printers can achieve a seamless mix of colours and at the same time the production rate is incredibly fast. The technology mostly used to achieve this high quality of print work is known as CMYK. There has been continuous improvement of this technology and currently we have machines that can achieve a colour spectrum higher than that of the conventional CMYK machine.