Weigh Anywhere And Everywhere In Your Business

Sometimes you need to weigh something in a range that you don't normally have a scale for. You can find the scale or pick up an item next to the scale. 

Or you can take a look at portable scales that you can take with you wherever you go. The OHAUS 3000 Series display, along with the Defender wheel platform, combines portability and performance in an economical package. You can also find ohaus weighing balance scales for sale via Libertyscales.

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The wheeled platform and handlebars have an ergonomic design that allows you to move without lifting the scale, and the durable non-slip polyurethane wheels easily lock to hold the scale securely in place. 

Most scales are simply placed on the floor. Digital scales with wheels are ideal so you can weigh anywhere and everywhere. The durable wheel frame structure in the portable floor scale offers great portability. 

The new series combines the look of the OHAUS 3000 Series with the Defender T “T” wheeled platform. The ergonomic design of the wheeled platform and steering column allows the user to move the scale without lifting it, and the durable non-slip polyurethane wheels can be easily locked to keep the scale in place.

Usually, consumers are very happy with portable scales that weigh 1000 pounds or less. The Defender 3000 wheeled bench-scale collection has 2 models available with capacities of 500 lbs and 1000 lbs (250 and 500 kg).

The Defender 3000 Series includes the following features:

• Slice counting mode with selectable sample size, last sample size auto-save, and APW reference display

• Multiple weighing options: lb, oz, lb-oz, kg, g

• Standard resolution 1: 5,000

• 1:2500 NTEP Certified/Canada Approved Resolution Measurement Restricted Commercial

• 1 inch (25mm) high-contrast backlight LCD screen

• Internal bidirectional RS232C for printing or connecting to a computer

• Powered by AC adapter or 120-hour lead-acid battery