Treatment Options For Back Pain

While certain back pain, like easy strains or excessive use, does not require any medical treatment at all However, all back pain needs some form of treatment. This is the case whether treatment is done at home, at the doctor's office, at physical therapy, at the Chiropractor's office, or in an operating room. You can also buy various pain products online for your spine pain relief.

Treatment Options for Low Back Pain by Advanced Orthopedic, Denver

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Treatments for back pain at home are quite easy. Apply heat if there's just plain, and do so in intervals of 20 minutes. If there's swelling, switch between ice and heat every twenty minutes. Lay on your back on a smooth surface with your hips and knees slightly raised to take the tension off the back muscles. 

In the following two to three weeks, be sure you walk around for a couple of minutes every few hours. There are also prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines.

When these home remedies don't perform that you should consider other options for treatment. The options for treatment offered to you will be based on the cause of the back pain. It is also contingent on the kind of doctor you see. For instance, medical doctors typically manage back pain with medications and may recommend physical therapy.

However the Chiropractor treats back pain by making adjustments and also with physical therapy when needed However, they rarely prescribe medication, however painkillers may be prescribed if they are necessary. 

In both instances, an x-ray will be taken to determine the source of the pain so that the correct treatment can be given without causing any further harm.