Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Clothes Dryer

Leave the Wrinkles Behind

Ah, a wrinkle-free life – wouldn’t it be nice? Well, your clothes dryer can help with proper use & maintenance.

Here are some tips to help keep your clothes dryer running efficiently & worry-free:

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s manual.

This is often an after-thought but there really is important information in there.

Be sure to clean the lint trap after every use.

It does not take long & cleaning the lint trap after each use will not only help keep your dryer heating properly but can extend its overall life. If your washing machine is facing any kind of broken part then you can get the best and most genuine washing machine parts online easily.

Do not forget the dryer ducts!

Every couple of years you should clean your dryer ducts of lint & debris. Dirty & lint-clogged dryer ducts are the most frequent cause of a dryer not heating properly. A dirty duct can also become a fire hazard.

Periodically check & clean the duct vent cap.

This is usually on the outside wall of your house where the dryer air is vented.

Keep the drum clean.

Periodically, wipe the drum down with a cloth & a bit of rubbing alcohol to remove any residual build-up from dryer sheets.

Do not overload the dryer.

The warm air needs room to flow between clothes.

Shake excess water from clothes.

Getting rid of extra water will help clothes dry quicker & more efficiently.

Do not open the dryer door while running!

Do not let that warm air escape.

Toss in a dry bath towel when drying a load.

The towel will absorb moisture while drying your clothes, helping them dry quicker. Leave the towel in for the first 15 minutes then hang the damp towel up to dry.