What Is The Purpose Of Roof Ventilation System

A good roof ventilation system ensures that there is balance between the air coming in and the air going out. The cross ventilation of air around the roof keeps the roof temperature bearable and also keeps the material used in the construction of the roof from reaching very high temperatures. Actually the ventilation system for all structure is based on the principle of a wind funnel.

A proper roofing ventilation system will consist of an air intake hose and a corresponding exhaust hose to ensure there is proper ventilation of air within and under the roof. The passage of external air around the roof will act like a cooler and ensure the internal temperature will not rise to a temperature greater than that of the air outside. You can visit https://www.calidad.net.au/product-category/ventilation/ to know more about smart roof ventilation.

The choice of a ventilation system will depend upon the size, shape and the material used in constructing the roof. Proper ventilation systems consist of vents and hoses in the roof such that there is balanced air flow under and over the roof. It is estimated that in a balanced air ventilation system for a roof, there is a requirement of one square foot of venting for every 250 to 300 cubic foot of air in the attic or the space immediately below the roof.

It is always advised to have an expert look at the roofing structure and then suggest the ventilation system. Ideally the ventilation system is designed at the time the roof is constructed. However, with time, certain blockages and other external factors tend to dislodge the ventilation system. This requires for a re-check and re-calibration of the roof venting system. Care must be taken that the vents and hoses are not blocked and proper air circulation is possible and allowed within the roofing structure.