Planning a Bathroom Renovation? Keep These Plumbing Factors in Check

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Bathroom renovation can be exciting for homeowners. Everything from choosing the tiles to vanities, bathtub, tapware, and lighting seems like a journey. But people usually give less priority to plumbing needs during this process. And a small mistake can cause big troubles later.

So, to make the most of your renovation investments and get the best results within budget, here’s what you should consider.

  • Hiding or Exposing the Plumbing: Modern bathroom designs have hidden plumbing elements while vintage styles have exposed plumbing. And once you decide the style, you can then move on to find the right sink (cabinetry supported or pedestal design).
  • Moving the Fixtures (Bath, Shower, or Sink): Some homeowners want minimal renovations while others plan for huge makeovers including fixture movements. And, if you are planning to move the sink, shower, or anything else, keep in mind that it will impact the cost. That’s why you should talk to the plumber beforehand and finalize a design based on the cost and other factors involved.
  • Renovation Permit: You might need only a building permit if planning for a bathroom extension. However, moving the walls would need you to get both building and planning permits. A professional plumber can help you with the right knowledge about required permits.

And there are several other areas of plumbing you should look into before getting the renovation started like updates to the drainage diagram and standards about fixings. In every such aspect, professional Coffs Harbour plumbers near me can help you with accurate information, plan, and cost.