How To Determine The Value Of Your Used Car?

If you are considering selling or selling your new car, an important question to consider before making a decision is, “How much will my car cost? The price is too low and you risk being scammed, too high and you may not be able to sell it as quickly or at all as you would like. 

Here are some tips for determining the market value of your used vehicle and some of the main factors that can influence a buyer's willingness to pay.

Get a car valuation: Car valuation can provide a detailed estimate of the value of a car in the current market based on the main factors that affect the price. And for some, that price may have changed dramatically in the last year or two. You can get the value of my car online via that will help you to determine the exact value of a particular car.

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Consider the basic key value factors that affect the value of a car:

Age: In general, a car is a depreciable asset, so the value of a car usually decreases with age. Highly sought after, rare or retro vehicles can buck these trends as well as changing markets, but generally newer used cars of the same make, model, mileage and condition will sell for more than old ones.

Make and Model: Popular and reputable models and brands tend to retain their value and sell more as they are in greater demand in the used market. Different brands and models have many different characteristics, styles and attributes that also add to their value.