Cut Costs With Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet maintenance software/fleet management solutions are designed to help you cut costs associated with maintaining vehicles by streamlining your workflow.

It will help you quickly and easily identify over-and underutilized vehicles, eliminate unnecessary inventory, track your assets, schedule preventive upkeep, predict potential hazards, and really help manage your facility in the most efficient way possible.

Fleet maintenance software helps you extend the life of your equipment, reduce downtime, and get the most out of your assets.

fleet maintenance software

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Here are some common functions of a fleet maintenance software system:

Maintenance Management

Manage preventative task schedules, work orders, and vehicle repair histories based on timelines or custom triggers. Some systems also include predictive maintenance, which raises flags based on physical parameters like noise, vibration, temperature, or emissions.

Inventory and Equipment Control

Helps efficiently manage tools, consumables, and manufacturable parts-allowing you to monitor current inventory, orders, returns, transfers, part changes, hazard and disposal fees, etc.

Vehicle and Asset Management

Track the vehicles in your fleet. Vehicle maintenance software is a valuable feature of these systems. This starts at purchasing and runs all the way through resale or disposal, including along the way: regulatory compliance, fuel consumption, tire usage, warranties, lifecycle cost, driver history, and more.

Accident and Claim Management

Proper upkeep mitigates risk, but accidents still do happen. Fleet maintenance software and management systems help you manage claims and monitor incidents and driving habits to reduce risk on the road.