Benefits Of Polyurethane Duct Board

Ducts are commonly used for heating,  ventilation, and air conditioning. They are essential to ensure the proper indoor air quality and temperature. Steel and galvanized aluminum are the most frequently used materials for ductwork construction due to their accessibility. 

However, they can be very heavy. This is the reason why certain manufacturers employ polyurethane. You can get more information about the duct board via

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Polyurethane (PU) is a kind of resin made from plastic. It's extremely versatile and is not just used in industrial items but also in many consumer items like mattresses, tires, and shoes. 

Inside your home polyurethane ducts can be found in refrigerators as well as freezers. If you've got a modern house, your walls may be lined with polyurethane-based duct boards or panels to stop heat loss during the colder months and keep your house cool in the summer and warmer seasons. 

The typical commercial and house construction areas covered with polyurethane duct boards include cavity walls and floors, roofs, boiler and pipe areas, as well as large air ducts.

Commercial buildings will also require less maintenance when they are well lined with polyurethane panels. In contrast to galvanized steel and aluminum, polyurethane panels are simpler to use and better in the sense of space-saving. 

They can be employed without affecting the design of the exterior or interior of a building or house. In general, these panels are becoming the norm in offices and homes.