Why Do You Need Concierge Medicine Services?

Concierge medicine was once the favored healthcare option of the wealthy. But what is concierge medicine, and why might this be the right healthcare model for everyone? The concept is simple. You pay an annual retainer fee to a provider or medical practice, who will then provide you with a greater level of access and personalization.

This provides patients with a higher standard of care and attention, while doctors can keep their patient lists small and build long-term relationships with patients. If you also want access to medical concierge services you can also navigate to cbyelitecare.com/concierge-medicine-miami-ft-lauderdale/.

You never know when you’ll need a doctor — illnesses and injuries don’t wait for office hours and neither should you. That’s why concierge medicine doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays. If you wake up feeling unwell, immediate support is just a call away. 

Unlike a traditional doctor’s office or hospital, where you typically have no clarity on what you will be billed for until long after you’ve left, concierge medicine practices typically offer unlimited visits for an annual fee. Any services not included in the annual fee are then outlined in a services menu. This transparency allows patients to plan for their treatments in advance with peace of mind and no surprises.