Purchase The Right Umbrella Base For Your Patio

Do you worry about your umbrella getting blown away by wind? To secure your umbrella in loose beach sand, you will need accessories. There are two types of accessories: the umbrella base and the sand anchor. 

The sunshade base is secured by sand anchors made up of large spiral threads. A more popular choice is an umbrella base. The disc-shaped structure has a rod that rises from the center. A knob is required to fix the umbrella on the rod.

A base that can hold a table umbrella must weigh between 20 and 45 lbs. The base must weigh 30 lbs if your table umbrella measures 6-7 1/2 feet tall. The base weight of a freestanding umbrella should not exceed 50 lbs. A base that weighs 75 lbs is recommended for freestanding umbrellas with heights between 8 and 11 feet.

There are many types of umbrella bases on the market. There are many options for bases to match outdoor furniture decor.

Cast iron: This base is available in beautiful swirls or sunburst designs. These heavy bases are classic in appearance thanks to a powder-coated black or bronze finish. They are not susceptible to rusting in high humidity areas, but they are more expensive than the other bases.

Fiberglass: These weather-resistant bases are strong and durable. For small umbrellas, this base should be filled with sand and concrete. You can choose from black, white, bronze, or simulated teak colors.

Granite: To create a stylish, modern outdoor decor, this option should be used. Granite bases are strong and durable and have stainless steel pole sleeves.

You can choose from a variety of umbrella bases to suit your aesthetic and practical needs.