Cleaning Tips For Vertical Blinds And Panel Glides

Vertical blinds collect less dust and debris than other types of window treatments, but of course, need to be cleaned from time to time to keep them looking clean and new. However, before you start cleaning vertical casement blinds, you need to check what material they're made of, and it's an added benefit to read the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

Fabric window vertical blinds can be washed in warm soapy water or even in the washing machine, but wooden blinds should not be exposed to moisture at all.

You can usually use a microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaner (with an additional brush), a sponge, or a towel to clean these windows. When cleaning it with soap and water, it is best to prepare the surface to dry it.

So how do you start cleaning your vertical blinds?

Cleaning the blinds while they are still on the track is possible but for a good cleaning, it is best to remove and clean them. Place the blinds in front of you and gently wipe them from top to bottom with a microfiber cloth or fluff or even a towel. 

After the dust is removed, the blinds should be washed in warm water. You can soak them in the bath or even machine wash them. Stubborn stains can be cleaned with a soapy sponge.

After the blinds are washed and cleaned, it is best to dry them. Hanging it to dry is not ideal for keeping its shape. When the blinds dry, carefully hang them back on the rails.